Nick is passionate about design, be it fashion, cars or architecture, but he is by far most passionate about interior design. Not wishing to be an interior designer himself (although Nick has studied both CAD and Interior Design to appreciate the basics), he nevertheless appreciates and understands interior designers disciplines. Having had the unique role of Marketing Director of the BIDA (now BIID) Nick knows instinctively when and where he can be an asset to an interior designer and their business. Now with his own specialist consultancy niche, Nick is uniquely positioned to offer his services and skills to interior designers who require them, whether it be gaining media coverage, building a profile, designing a new website or styling a photo-shoot.

Nick is regularly contacted to write interior design articles and front interior design Q & A columns for interiors magazines.

Here's what designer clients say:

"Thank you so much for the other day in Cobham. You take such time and care with each shoot that I know I am in safe hands and I really appreciate all your hard work and efforts for me and Halo Design." Blanca Sanchez, Halo Design Associates

"Nick - a big thank you for all your great work." Natasha Hawtrey-Woore

"Nick is my PR confident, and has been for many years, so of course I consult with him over all offers to publish my work. I give great respect to his opinion and trust his views implicitly. Nick is a very well connected, long standing specialist in the world of interiors PR, with a varied stable of designers on his books. He is skilled at negotiating mutually agreeable editorial deals with publications - that is what we invest in him for." Clare Pascoe, Pascoe Interiors

"YAY!! Love the METRO feature Nick!! So pleased. It has been a total pleasure working with you and I have been delighted with the results and the coverage has surpassed my expectations. Many thanks Nick!" Rory Machpherson, Play Associates

"My (now)client is a developer who emailed me right after the publication of a feature niche pr got me into (METRO) to offer me a project they are currently working on, but it's still at the process of getting permits approved. In the mean time the developer asked my help with the remodelling and extension of his own home in Clapham. After our first meeting, my client asked me if he could see more of my work and see if I had been published. After I sent him the link to my new website and over 24 features gained by Niche PR, the next letter had just one line: send me your invoice please. Thanks Nick for all hard continued hard work which is winning me new clients !" Mila Podiablonska, Absolute Interior Décor

"And to think we I was just going to have a three month trial with you!!! no looking back - the coverage has been brilliant!" Almas Shamsee, Maisha Design

"Thanks Nick!! Just having coffee with a friend and was telling her how you have transformed the image of the company since you came on board and then I got this 12 page feature to prove my point!! Thank you so much!! " Almas Shamsee, Maisha Design

"Nick it's just amazing ! Is it really my project?! I'm speechless!!! I can't believe my eyes when I see the "best shots" from your email. Also thank you Very Very Much for another new article. There many things to celebrate !" Mila Podiablonska, Absolute Interior Design

"Mila's layout of her project in Elite Russia looks fantastic. I don't know how you do your magic to get all these articles published. You are the best in the business!" Jim Martell, President and CEO* Cancel Panels

"Thanks Nick, you're an angel" Rebekah Caudwell, Rebekah Caudwell Design

"Nick, it (City a.m.) was a great article! I have received a couple of enquiries and compliments from the readers already. Definitely very beneficial publication and very cleverly targeted! You are a genius!!!" Mila Podiablonska, Absolute Interior Decor

"Nick, Wow - the images look great! I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the day (first house shoot). I am looking forward to shooting future projects with you." Almas Shamsee, Maisha Design "I also have to say thanks for great styling! It makes all the difference." Richard Gooding Photography

"I have to admit that I am rather surprised regarding how much PR you were able to get for the GH! Translating this to the MH, this should end up being an amazing PR campaign! THANKS SO MUCH!" Dorothee Junkin, DJDS

"My husband is very impressed with you Nick - by what you have achieved for me and my company in such a short time - and he isn't impressed very often" Rebekah Caudwell, Rebekah Caudwell Design

"working with Nick in Italy on the Grand Hotel & Spa was a very good experience for me, thank you Nick" Simone Speciale Lunchinat, Florence

"WELL DONE - You are definitely on it!!!! I'm super thrilled. The features are clocking up BRILLIANTLY!" Roselind Wilson

"OMG - you are on a roll today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually - you are unstoppable......amazing!" Roselind Wilson

"Ok, so I had a bad experience before with PR before I contacted you so I want to thank you for the trial which was great and you're incredible ! Amazing and have recommended you to someone I know too !" Tamara Magel, Tamara Magel NYC

"Nick, I cant believe how much coverage you have achieved with just the two projects I gave you, thank you so much." Nico Yiannikkou, Y2DC

"To be honest, I'm overwhelmed at how well it's going and you have no idea how much I appreciate everything you're doing. I'm not pleased I am ecstatic!" Blanca Sanchez, Halo Design Interiors

"Thanks for all the publicity you have gained for me with the two projects I gave you. I really like the way you have tweaked the text I gave you and added some of the additional aspects even though you haven't seen the properties in person yet. It reads very nicely." Dorothee Junkin, Architecta Interiors

"Dear Nick, What a great feature. Thank you. I have read it and it is without fault. I thank you again for all the PR and especially the White Book feature. It is a real achievement to be featured in this Interior Publication." Roland Hartmann, Hartmann Designs

"Fabulous" Mark Howorth, Callender Howorth

"Having a great PR agent who secures well positioned PR pieces is definitely the way to go and you work ridiculously hard :)" Ros Wilson, Roselind Wilson Design

"Amazing, thanks for the hard work. It's so exciting starting to get proper exposure. I am thrilled. Well done!" Ros Wilson, Roselind Wilson Design

"This is such a great feature! Thank you it looks great!! Very pleased as usual." Lucia Caballero, Caballero Design

"O my word, I am so excited. The best news ever. Thank you Nick!
Looks great, thank you. I am very chuffed, you made my week !!" Lucia Caballero, Caballero Design

"Nick, the PR stuff looks great and The Bowden feature is the nuts. Top man." Thomas Cox, Managing Director Ham Interiors

"You're a legend, thanks!" Clare Pascoe, Pascoe Interiors

"Just picked up a copy to Country & Town Magazine to see my profile in the list of the UK's Top 50 interior designers. Seeing my name alongside some of my hero's has reduced me to tears (of joy). I was overwhelmed and I can't thank you enough Nick. You have made a big impact on my life in just four months !" Rebecca James, Interior Desires UK

"Nick, great job as always. Myself and the team are delighted with the 8 page article, it showcases our work beautifully and good work on getting the mention of our company in so well" Tom Cox, Cox and Cox Ltd

"Thank you … your hard work is very much appreciated!" Fiona Livingston, Studiofibre

"I really appreciate all the work you are doing with us, we are very happy with the results." Eduardo Cardenes, EC Design

"I wish I'd found you earlier, you're worth your wait in gold" Abbey Emmerson - Dir. Trend Designs

"ILOVE YA. Honestly, you are doing great things Nick and I am so happy with the way things are going, and you give me great confidence as it can be a lonely world working for yourself. So if I don’t say it much, thanks so much, u are a valuable asset to me and the future of Trend." Abbey Emmerson - Dir. Trend Designs

"I would like to congratulate you for your efforts" - Alexander Martin - MD, Eduardo Cardenes Design

"Nick you’re a star, but you know that !" - Bruce Oldfield MBE

"Very professional" - Bill Bennette - Bill Bennette Interior Design Limited

"I don't know what we would do without you" Jenny Wallace - Origins Design

"When Nick was BIDA's Head of Marketing & PR he gave BIDA interior designers unparallelled and as yet unequalled access to press, news and interior related publications which raised the profile of the BIDA and it's interior designers, well beyond anything that had or has since been achieved. Now Nick is achieving the same column inches for his own interior design clients and is the first person I would recommend to anyone wishing to hire a pr professional." - Gordon Lindsay - Past Chairman and Fellow of the British Institute of Design

Here's what photographers say:

"My work in the press, More to come?! My phone has run out capacity! Lol Thanks v much again. Staggering coverage - no wonder you have a waiting list!" Richard Gooding

"I've shot, with Nick directing, on a number of occasions and his eye for photographic detail and the right shot is inspiring! He's professional, patient and a pleasure to work with" - Richard Gooding

'I have worked with Nick on many projects now and always find him to be totally professional and easy to deal with. He has a clear vision of what's required, which makes my job as a photographer so much easier.
Robert Sanderson

When photographing projects for Nick's clients I always welcome his organised hands on approach during the shoot which invariably leads to first class very publishable results and its a pleasureable and enjoyable working experience - Alexander James

"niche PR has helped enormously to promote my work gaining valuable editorial coverage in a very short period of time."
Julian Abrams

Here's what journalists say:

"That's amazing, thanks so much Nick. Much appreciated x " Emma J.Page, 25 Beautiful Homes

"You're a dream! Thanks so much!" Melissa York, Deputy Editor City a.m.

"Perfect, just what I was looking for! Thanks, Nick. And thanks for all your help - will try and give you more notice next time!" Ruth Bell, Editor KBB

"It was really wonderful to meet you - and fantastic to have found the source of so many great designers for the magazine. I think we'll get along brilliantly" Julia Burdet, BY DESIGN magazine

"you are wonderful Nick, thank you so much" Jade Tilley, Editor, Interior Design Today, Interior Design Yearbook, Architects' Choice

"Fantastic! Thanks so much, Nick. I really appreciate it, especially as you were so busy travelling." Melissa York, Deputy Editor, Bespoke Magazine

"Heck, that quote would be outstanding (Nick) - thanks v much." Georgina Wroe, Editor, Antique Collecting

"Thanks for all your help, you rock!!" Kristie Stoodley-Klajn, Editor-in-Chief Remark, Canada

"Dear Nick, you are great, thank you :)" Анна Пашина, Editor - Elite Interior Russia

"Dear Nick, You are a marvel, as always. Thanks so much" Katherine Sorrell, freelance journalist

"You are my hero !" Janice Raycroft, Editor Berks & Bucks Life Archant Publishing

"thanks for getting back to me even though it's not your client any more, I do appreciate that kind of professionalism." Linda Clayton, , freelance journalist

Nick, thanks as always for all your wonderful assistance - Hayley Burton, The Secret Removers for Channel 4 Television

"Thank you for all your help pulling the book together with your fantastic portfolio of designers”  Jade TilleyEditor Media One Communications Ltd

"Nick you are amazing! Keep them coming! ”  Lena de Casparisfeatures Editor, Company Magazine

"Wow! It's not often I'm blown away by images these days, bless you Nick - you are definitely a star !" Gillian Anderson - Managing Editor Media Life Limited

"Nick is an absolute gem to work with. Not only is he friendly and a pleasure to talk to, but he knows what he is talking about. Now I know who to come to the future, as Nick will never let me down. Thanks Nick, you’re a star!”  Charlotte TaylorGroup Editor, Opus Business Media Ltd

"You’re a star Nick – I wish all my contributors were as conscientious as you!" Olivia Abbott, Editor - Agenda

"I found Nick to be totally professional, polite and what I liked most is that he cared about his clients and how they were represented. He understood what was needed to translate into an interesting feature" - Paul Seagrove - BBC Senior Producer

Thank you for contacting me with such stylish homes - Vivienne Ayers, Houses Editor, Country Homes & Interiors

Thank you for giving us such gorgeous homes to feature - Penny Botting - Features Editor, 25 Beautiful Homes

Nick, thank you for providing me with the highest level of interior design for The White Book - Siobhan Buchanan Johnston - Editor and Publisher of The White Book

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