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what does niche do?    
UK Regional & National Magazines    

Strong and consistent PR coverage is the lifeblood of every successful business. Never underestimate its power or reach because with the right strategy it will help your business realise its full potential. niche is not a full service agency but a marketing and pr consultancy, which means you don't pay full service agency rates and you do receive a personal service.

niche has many relationships with key trade and consumer titles and journalists.
Working with freelance journalists as well as Editors, deputy Editors and features Editors of both UK, European and worldwide interior related titles. Nick is best placed to know what is required, and when, and is able to suggest features and story ideas. A selection of recent articles published for clients appear right.

When Rebekah Caudwell contacted niche pr in September 2014 Rebekah had just one project to promote, to raise her profile as a designer as well as her business. niche pr has to date gained 26 major features in regional, national and international magazines and books. Visit rebekahcaudwelldesign.com/press to see her press coverage.

When award winning Rebecca James from Interior Desires contacted niche pr to run a six month PR campaign for her business, she had one property to promote. Within six months NICHE PR gained 24 major features including a 23 page feature in The White Book as well as multiple page features in regional, national and international magazines and books. Visit interiordesiresuk.com to see her press coverage. Needless to say Rebecca extended her PR campaign. She says niche pr has really helped her establish her name and business to the point where she attends events and people she doesn't know say "oh your Rebecca James". How she asks ? "because your always in the press".


UK Regional & National Newspapers    

Raising a designers profile and company is not just limited to interiors features
in the glossy interiors magazines. niche pr regularly use regional and national newspaper articles and features to reach a wider audience. Readership of the London Evening Standard for example is well over a million per day, so this type
of feature coverage is not only huge in terms of the number of people it reaches,
but its a great source to reach a newer, wider interiors audience. A few examples
of features gained(right)across different newspaper titles illustrate this.

These include a whopping three page feature of Rebecca James's own home for the London Evening Standard, a Sunday Times Home supplement Home of the week, for sale, for Rebekah Caudwell and an online feature in the Daily Mail online for Almas Shamsee of Maisha Design.

Worldwide Magazines    

niche has proven global reach. With International PR, the opportunities to work globally increase automatically. Having a project featured globally not only gives globally published kudos and acknowledgement to your design but it opens up a world of new design and pr opportunities. niche pr regularly pitch and gain features in historically important territories including the US, Canada, Australia, France and Spain (to mention a few) as well as in emerging markets including Russia, China, India and Turkey, Brazil & Mexico to name but a few. With full image copyright niche pr are best placed to make sure your designs are seen all over the world.

Rebekah Caudwell came to us to raise her profile and design with just one project to PR. To date we have gained 18 UK and worldwide full project interior features for her, which has raised her profile considerably and brought new opportunities to her.

Opposite are just a few of the international features gained for our clients. niche gained DJDS the front cover and a 14 page feature in Florida Design - which brought her two huge new projects as well as several other enquiries - as well as
3 other front covers in the 19 features niche pr gained with this one project.

Hospitality & Commercial Design PR    

Hospitality PR works differently to residential PR. Obviously there are new specific titles to target and pitch to but this sector operate on a very quick turnaround requiring the latest projects to be featured to sell their titles. So when Shed came to us to promote an array of restaurants, bars, retails spaces and commercial offices niche pr drew on all its expertise to gain over 50 features in 6 months. We also worked with many online titles to gain further coverage for Shed as well as titles in territories where projects have been completed such as the Middle East & Asia. See examples of press gained for Shed right.

Styling by niche pr    

When an interior designer has completed a residential or commercial project it is not necessarily what a magazine will feature, as it may not be lived in enough or it may not be accessorised in a way an Editor likes an interior to be accessorised. Nick Lee is best positioned to know which accessories and camera angles are best to shoot an interior to gain features, worldwide. A few recent examples pictured right, including the front cover of Emirates Home magazine gained for Pascoe Interiors.

Digital Media    

The world of communication and how we communicate and reach audiences is constantly changing. niche believes in targetting all media, be it online or other. That's why niche has contacts with website only publications, online magazines, bloggers and social media partners. A small selection of higher audience reaching website only based online titles appear opposite including achica.com and artofbespoke.com


niche pr has gained many features in national and international book features on residential and commercial interior design. Here are just a few titles to demonstrate and prove features have been gained for niche’s client. Another valuable pr tool, with longevity, for an interior designer.



niche pr is best placed to contact and be contacted by television production companies. niche has placed its’ clients on BBC news,  ITV’s May the best house win and Home programmes and Architectural Digest TV amongst others. TV appearances only raises a designers profile to a wider audience and can only enhance the profile and company and the chosen designer.  

I have found that interior designers are very good at what they do but when it comes to marketing themselves and their companies, they tend not to have time or do not know how to go about it. With fifteen years marketing experience including well known luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz and being Head of Marketing for the BIDA, Nick is well placed to identify and strengthen areas of the business which need to stay one step ahead of the competition. Whether it be photography, website design, advertising, promotion or any other form of marketing, niche can offer creative solutions tailored to suit your requirements.  

When it comes to brand management, consistency is key. A company name, with or without a logo, can with strategic and consistent marketing and pr presence build a company's profile to be synonymous with a leading company in other words stand out from the crowd. niche and its creative partner Lime Creative, can jointly design, develop a logo and create an overall brand, however large or small. We can identify and create brand opportunities which can strengthen marketing or pr campaigns to raise awareness and create new audiences.


Web presence should be the main marketing tool for any interior designer. Acting as an online portfolio a designers website and the images it contains could win you your next client. Even if you have a client waiting list, an up to date website that reflects your most recent completed design projects is key. niche has co-designed and managed many interior designer websites including absoluteinteriordecor.com, bbdesign.co.uk, thorp.co.uk, Scarib.com, athome-interiors.co.uk, dhid.co.uk and aprilrussell.com.